Invite Friends (Coming Soon)
Follow these simple steps:
  1. Download the app
    (available on iOS/Android).
  2. Enter your phone number
    to verify your account and
    recieve your unique referral code.
  3. Copy and paste your code
    from the SMS.
  4. Share it with friends!
Once 10 of your friends download JigTalk
through your bespoke link, we’ll notify you
once your target has been achieved!

Terms and conditions: 1 new JigTalker is defined as a new user signing-up to the application for the first time through an existing user’s referral link. The new user must download and open the application in order for it to be registered. JigTalk App Limited retains the right to refuse payment if these conditions have not been met. For every new JigTalker referred over the threshold of 10, £1 will be due to the referrer. Referral link stats are reviewed periodically every Sunday and users that have surpassed the threshold of referring 10 new JigTalkers will be notified via SMS. Payments are process only through PayPal and no other payment options are available